Craig E. London | Managing Partner

Craig London is the Managing Partner of MuniTrust Capital.  Mr. London oversees all day-to-day real estate tax lien certificate investing activities including due diligence, investor relations, equity and debt financing, and asset management.  Under Mr. London’s leadership, MuniTrust Capital Fund II LLC was the largest purchaser of real estate tax lien certificates at the 2010, 2011 and 2012 DC Tax Sales.  Prior to forming MuniTrust Capital, Mr. London operated several tax lien funds investing in Washington, DC and Maryland and he oversaw various real estate services for properties with an aggregate value in excess of $750M.

Mr. London is a nationally recognized valuation expert of real estate in the Mid-Atlantic region. Mr. London provides valuation assistance for the leading real estate appraisal firms in the Baltimore/Washington area and serves as an expert witness in hearings before the District of Columbia Board of Real Property Assessment and Appeals. Mr. London has also provided both asset management and brokerage services involving thousands of residential units and commercial properties. As the area’s leading private sector expert in Vacant (Class 3) and Blighted (Class 4) property in Washington, DC, Mr. London specializes in the relationships between property tax liability, governmental assessments, and market value. Mr. London is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Maryland and the District of Columbia and his previous experience includes 10 years as the CFO of a professional services firm. He received a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an M.B.A. from Washington University.

John E. Reid | Partner

John Reid is a Partner of MuniTrust Capital.  Mr. Reid is an acknowledged expert in the judicial tax lien foreclosure process, having involvement in more than ten thousand lawsuits to foreclose the right of redemption. The tax lien portfolios in which Mr. Reid has been involved have totaled over $100M invested. Mr. Reid and his investment groups have obtained hundreds of tax deeds in Maryland and his investors have been able to liquidate the properties for substantial returns on a portfolio basis. Mr. Reid’s experience includes management of tax lien investment funds as an investor as well as the legal representation of some of the largest institutional purchasers of real property tax liens in the District of Columbia and the largest jurisdictions in the State of Maryland. In the District of Columbia, Mr. Reid has been the most successful foreclosure attorney in the tax lien industry, obtaining approximately one hundred tax deeds for his various clients. Mr. Reid has greatly influenced the Superior Court’s process in handling tax foreclosures, and lectures frequently on the topic at seminars. Judges, attorneys and tax office officials frequently consult with Mr. Reid prior to making changes to the process and to discuss the issues and developments facing the industry.

As an active member of the District of Columbia Bar and the Maryland State Bar Association, Mr. Reid serves as a moderator and lecturer on a number of topics, including the tax sale process and the prosecution of foreclosure lawsuits in District of Columbia Superior Court. Mr. Reid is a licensed Maryland Real Estate Broker and represents agents and investors in disputes that arise in the course of negotiating transactions involving commercial and residential properties.

He received a B.A. in Political Science from Colgate University, a J.D. from The Catholic University of America and an L.L.M. Securities & Financial Regulation from Georgetown University.


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